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Stream Services is the brain child of NDIS Registered Provider Clermont Country Care. CCC was founded after a cry for help from a remote country GP, who could not find services for her patients who had disabilities. Lead Coach and Founder, Alec McConnell, learned from Dr Sarah McLay (Doctor and owner of Clermont Country Practice) about the unique challenges that people in remote communities face in accessing services which are taken for granted in the cities. He could see that there was a huge gap in NDIS services for people who were living in small, isolated communities across Queensland and Australia.

Clermont Country Care was founded in early 2019 to provide Allied Health and lifestyle support services to people living in isolated communities. In our first year we fine-tuned strategies to deliver exceptional services to people despite the challenges that come from their living in small, isolated communities. A big part of our solutions were the smart use of technology to remove barriers from the tyranny of distance.

When the COVID-19 virus started to affect our community, we saw more and more vulnerable Australians going into isolation for safety.  In doing so they were reducing their physical face-to-face interactions with people to the bare necessities, this included a reduction of social and community activities.

The mental health impacts of isolation are real and are affecting everyone, no matter what their life circumstances.  Isolation has led to a significant disruption to the routine  of people who depend on their routines for their world structure and peace of mind. 

It is vital that people and family units who are becoming physically isolated do not also become isolated from community and social supports.  For the wellbeing of NDIS participants and for the wellbeing of families, it is very important that services can be provided in this new world of physical distancing and isolation. 

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Therefore Stream Services was created, to deliver both Allied Health telehealth NDIS practice, as well as core lifestyle support services.  Through the families we serve, we can see there is a huge need for NDIS participants to be supported during this time of change.  To create new routines, to keep physically active and healthy within their home environment and to look after their mental health and mindfulness in times of stress.  

With necessary physical distancing requirements, the disability support sector cannot do as much of our traditional supports, such as helping out with daily activities in the home and of physically supporting people to get out and about into the community.  We can see that families are actively stepping in, particularly to help limit the number of physical contacts the person is exposed to. 

That is wonderful and we want to value add to what families are already doing.  As much as possible we want to help families in adapting to this new world without posing any physical risk of virus spread.  We have Allied Health professionals and Lifestyle Support Workers who are able to link with your family either by phone or by video conference to support people in their journey to adapt to this new world.  

Some people require a lot of support to develop and implement a new daily routine, this can be difficult and every family has unique needs. Every family is different!

It is important that while people are physically isolated from the world, that they look after their physical and mental health.  We can help with this! We have developed activities and learning modules which have been designed by our on-staff psychologist and physiotherapist.  Naturally these modules were created in a way that can be customised to each individual, depending on the person and their needs. 

We also have learning modules to help people in their aspirations to make friends, to engage with employment, to understand their rights and recognise abuse and what to do when they are feeling anxious or stressed.  These have been developed to be broad but our Lifestyle Support Workers will make sure they fit in with you and your family’s wishes or preferences.  

The important thing is that services are available, even if we are not able to do it in-person due to physical isolation.

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